What You Need to Know About Glasses for Kids

by Jun 7, 2021

A child’s first pair of glasses can be a daunting task and decision for parents. There are a lot of different factors to consider and parents often have a lot of questions regarding the prescription, what type of glasses to get, and how often to keep them on.

This article aims to address some of these questions to make sure that the child is successful with their first pair of spectacles.


Kids Glasses Prescription

Our eye doctors can use a variety of techniques to obtain the prescription needed in the glasses. The usual method used for adults, which includes asking for the patient’s subjective answer regarding clarity to determine the prescription, may not always be appropriate for children.

For this reason, our doctors are able to use more objective methods to measure what is required. One method would be to use retinoscopy, a technique performed by shining a light into the eye and observing the reflection back while adjusting the lenses in front of the eyes.

This can be performed on individuals of all ages. Another objective tool for approximating the needed prescription would be to use the autorefractor, a commonly used machine.

You may remember it as the machine that had a picture of a hot air balloon or farm barn at the end of the viewing tunnel. Our doctors often use both measurements to help select the best prescription.

For older children who have more reliable subjective answers, the same techniques used on adults can be conducted. This may include the autorefractor, retinoscopy, or use of multiple lenses.

In some cases, the doctor may need to instill an eye drop in order to correctly determine the prescription. This eye drops helps to relax the focusing ability of the eye to see objects up close, as this ocular ability can sometimes be the cause for headaches, blurring vision, or eye strain.

The effects of these drops can last up to a day and will cause temporary light sensitivity and an inability to see clearly up close.


Frame and Lens Selection for Glasses for Kids

Children can be rough with the items they are given and thus require durable materials for their busy lifestyle. For infants and children who may require more stability with their glasses, a strap-on band is available to keep the glasses on their face.

There are also frames that are more flexible and durable with good warranty plans if they break or are damaged.

There are also a variety of lenses available and our opticians can provide more specific guidance according to the child’s specific prescription. Some things to keep in mind include a thinner material if the prescription is very high, as this will decrease the thickness of the lens and the weight.

There are also some materials that may be more durable. Lastly, there are even specialty lenses designed for myopia control, a method of slowing down the progression of nearsightedness.


Glasses for Kids – Wear Time

The other major question asked by parents is how often and when their child should wear their glasses. The answer is very case specific, as our optometrist can prescribe glasses for a variety of purposes.

If the glasses were meant for near work only, they will only be worn when doing near tasks. In many cases, the glasses should be worn full-time, in order to ensure that the child has the best clarity as possible at all times and visual development can occur accurately.


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