New Technology

New Technology At Wilmington Family Eye Care

Optos California: Retinal Imaging

Wilmington Family Eye Care now has the newest technology to assess the health of the retina.  The Optos California is used to take wide field pictures of the retina, giving our optometrists permanent documentation of retinal health that can be stored along with medical records.  Retinal photography is an excellent way our eye doctors to monitor conditions over long periods of time by easily allowing them to compare retinal appearance from year to year. 

healthy retina optos

CV-5000s: The Automated Vision Tester

Wilmington Family Eye Care is proud to announce that we have invested in new eye care technology to improve the quality of your next eye exam

Our new vision checking system, the CV-5000S  Automated Vision Tester by Topcon, sets new quality standards by providing comfort for both user and patient while completing a thorough 21-point refraction for your new presciption. 

glasses on eyechart

Lipiflow: Dry Eye Treatment


LipiFlow is a treatment device specifically designed for effectively removing blockages from the meibmomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective lipid layer of the tear film.

LipiFlow is fast becoming the standard of care for MGD with studies demonstrating its safe and effective results. LipiFlow was designed to minimize patient discomfort during a 12 minute in-office treatment that most patients describe as a gently massaging of the eye lids.


Ocutech’s New VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope


The next generation of the world’s only autofocusing bioptic, has arrived! Using state-of-the-art time-of-flight technology, the Falcon has been in development and testing for six years. It will provide the most natural and easy-to-use telescopic vision possible for visually impaired individuals.

Wherever you look, the image will be clear immediately, just like normal vision.