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Low Vision Services

Wilmington Family Eye Care specializes in low vision to help those with visual impairment. 

Low vision is the loss of sight that is not correctible with prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. This type of vision loss does not include complete blindness, because there is still some sight and it can sometimes be improved with the use of visual aids.


What Eye Conditions Can Low Vision Treat? 


Who Can Benefit From Low Vision Devices?

People who have lost eyesight due to injuries or eye disease need special types of products to help them function as independently as possible.

In addition, we can direct those who have low vision problems to products that will help them carry on the day-to-day tasks that they need to perform.

In some cases we can set up a program for the low vision patient with the National Library of Congress to receive “books on tapes”, which is a service for the blind.

Person pointing to cursive text on closed circuit television (CCTV)

Schedule Your Low Vision Appointment

Personalized Consultations with our Low Vision Specialist

During your low vision exam, you’ll:

  • Learn how environmental factors, such as contrast, viewing distance, lighting and glare, impact your day to day vision. 
  • Discuss your visual goals with our low vision specialist to create a personalized plan to help you best achieve your needs. 
  • Learn about the visual aids available to help you perform your daily tasks and activities.

Low vision aids

There are a number of devices and products to make your visual easier. Our low vision optometrist will show and discuss the various options to help determine which are right for you.

Types of optical devices include:

  • Magnifying glasses, including handheld and stand magnifiers
  • Task lighting (improves lighting and contrast)
  • Distance-viewing devices (binoculars, opera glasses or telescopes)
  • Stronger prescription eyeglasses (stronger than ordinary glasses)
  • Specialty products, such as large-print checkbooks or books
  • Electronic aids (closed-circuit TVs, handheld scanners and portable video magnifiers) 

Ocutech’s New VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope


The next generation of the world’s only autofocusing bioptic, has arrived! Using state-of-the-art time-of-flight technology, the Falcon has been in development and testing for six years. It will provide the most natural and easy-to-use telescopic vision possible for visually impaired individuals.

Wherever you look, the image will be clear immediately, just like normal vision.