How Do I Select a Tint for My Glasses?

by Apr 26, 2021

Our optometrists are able to write a variety of prescriptions, ranging from glasses to antibiotics. As a part of a glasses prescription, our doctors are also able to prescribe a tint or filter that is either clipped onto or a part of the spectacles.

This extra parameter is useful for patients suffering from post-concussion vision syndrome or those experiencing glare that prevents them from being able to complete daily tasks such as reading. This article aims to showcase the benefits of filters and allow you to assess if they may be appropriate for your needs.


A Tint to Address Glare

One of the biggest benefits of a tint is to address the concern of glare, which can decrease visual acuity and affect a patient’s clarity of vision. Glare can be distracting, uncomfortable, and prevent a patient from completing their daily tasks such as reading.

It can be experienced as a result of ocular diseases such as cataracts or from poor lighting. Filters are able to control glare by blocking out certain wavelengths of light and limiting the amount of light that passes through.

They can be a variety of different colors, with varying shade preferences between different patients.


A Tint to Address Contrast Sensitivity

Some individuals may experience lower visual acuity because of their decreased sensitivity to contrast. This means that they require a larger sized font as well as a significant difference in lighting and color compared to the background to be able to see clearly.

In these cases, a tint can help provide more contrast between the pictures or text compared to the background. This can make smaller font sizes more visible and easier to read.


A Tint for Light Sensitivity

Being more sensitive to light can be a big issue for those suffering from post concussion vision syndrome, albinism, aniridia (referring to a condition in which the patient lacks an iris, the colored part of the eye that changes shape in response to the amount of light in the surroundings), or slower light or dark adaptation. These tints can be prescribed not only for outdoor lighting from the sun or lights but also for indoor use.

Overhead lights in a room can be nauseating for post concussion patients so an indoor tint can be soothing for some individuals.


Your Tint Assessment

When assessing for the necessity of a tint, our optometrist will depend highly on the patient’s perception and needs. As mentioned previously, a tint can be used either indoor or outdoor and it is not uncommon for patients to have one tint (often of a lighter color) that is used indoors or in front of a computer and a separate one that can be used outdoors only.

A variety of color options are available in tints, ranging from a light yellow to a dark brown for indoor or outdoor use. Our office will have samples of the tints for you to test out and determine if one of them provides relief from your symptoms.

The tint may be available as either clip on that attaches to the front of your glasses or as a tint that is added onto your glasses lenses to be used full time.


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