Eyelid Twitching: What Causes It and How to Stop It

by Aug 8, 2018

Eyelid twitching can be an annoying experience.  Sudden onset twitching, also known by its scientific name as myokymia, is almost always a harmless ocular finding.  If you experience eyelid twitching, whether it’s a rare occasion or a common occurrence, you understand it can be frustrating and distracting.  In order to prevent eyelid twitching, you must determine its cause in order to avoid future instances. Below are some of the most common underlying causes for eyelid twitching.


eyelid twitching

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many people tend to notice eyelid twitching when they have not been getting an adequate amount of sleep.  If this is the cause, twitches might be occurring in muscles throughout the body, not just the eyelid. Getting a full night sleep and establishing a healthy sleep schedule can help prevent fatigue-induced eye twitching.


Your Morning Coffee Was Too Strong

Too much caffeine has also been shown to cause eyelid twitches.  If you are noticing eyelid twitches as a daily occurrence, it may be due to your coffee, tea, or soda intake.  Try cutting back on caffeinated beverages to avoid twitching.


You Need a Vacation

Stress can have many different effects on the body, and eyelid twitching is typically one of those consequences.  If you’re experiencing an excessive number of twitching episodes, work on reducing your stress level through exercise, relaxation time, meditation, or whatever stress reduction method works best for you.


It’s Time to Make an Eye Appointment

Eyelid twitching may be a sign that it’s time to visit us at Wilmington Eye Care.  Eye strain from an outdated prescription can fatigue the eye muscles and cause twitching.  Dryness may also cause the eyes to reflexively twitch. Both of these causes can be treated by your optometrist.

When is Eye Twitching a More Serious Problem?

Rarely, eyelid twitching is a sign of a condition affecting nerves in the head or face.  In these instances, the twitching will be more dramatic and uncontrollable, and will typically occur in both eyes or be accompanied by twitches of all facial muscles.  These conditions can be diagnosed and managed by your eye doctor.

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