What to Expect from Your Eye Exam

by Jan 24, 2018

What-to-Expect-from-your-Eye-ExamProtecting your vision is critical. In many situations, lost vision cannot be repaired. Yet, with preventative care and routine visits Wilmington Family Eye Care, not only can you potentially see better, but you may be able to avoid vision loss or distortion. Everyone needs an eye exam at least one time per year. For some, it may be more often. Having a solid, long-term relationship with our eye doctors is important, and it doesn’t have to be challenging.

When Should You Visit Your Eye Doctor?
Annual visits to the eye doctor are often considered the baseline. Those who have diagnosed eye conditions such as macular degeneration, chronic dry eyes and glaucoma may need to visit more frequently. However, routine eye appointments help to establish your long-term vision care and protection. Your eye doctor will then be able to monitor for changes in your eye structure and health as well as changes in your vision.

Who Needs an Eye Exam?
It is recommended that a pediatrician manage a very young child’s vision screenings during the first year or so of their life. If there are concerns, seek out a pediatric eye doctor at that point. However, most children should visit a formal eye doctor prior to starting school. Since many children can develop learning disabilities due to limitations in eyesight, visiting early is important.

From there, all teens, adults, and seniors should have an eye exam at least one time per year. It is also a good idea to come in if you notice any changes in your vision or eye health.

What Symptoms Should Prompt a Visit to the Eye Doctor?
Sometimes, more frequent visits to the eye doctor are necessary. If you develop symptoms such as the following, make an appointment soon:

Redness, irritation, or pain in the eyes
Gritty, sandy eyes
End of day eye soreness
“Crust” in the eyes in the morning
Seeing spots or black floaters in your vision
Trouble seeing objects that you could see before
Dizziness or changes in your vision quality
Puss or discharge from the eyes
Dry eyes

What to Expect During an Eye Exam?
When you come in for an eye exam, your doctor will gather a medical history from you and talk to you about the quality of your vision. He or she will then perform several screenings and tests on your eyes. The goal is to determine if the eye structure is healthy and look for any signs of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, or glaucoma. From there, a vision test is conducted. Here, the eye doctor will ask you questions about the clarity and quality of your vision.

If necessary, your eye doctor will prescribe treatments for any conditions found. He or she may also write a prescription for contact lenses or glasses if your vision is deficient. No component of the eye exam is invasive, painful, or even uncomfortable.

Scheduling an eye doctor appointment is essential at least one time a year. If you have not done so, don’t put it off and allow your vision to suffer.

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